Playing with Photoshop :)

Like most wedding photographers my quiet time is right about now – February!  But rather than sit on my hands or take photographs of various abstract things I’ve been attempting to teach myself some new things.  I normally try and digitally process my photos fairly unobtrusively – boosting colours, making skies more blue, swapping eyes and heads (!) but generally otherwise attempting to give the viewer the impression that the photo shows pretty accurately what the day was like.  Hopefully this can be seen in the following image:

Anyway, as it is my quiet time of year I’ve been looking around at what some of my wedding photographer colleagues are up to and I’ve been a little surprised that so many seem to have moved to a more heavily processed style like the following few images:

 So….I guess I’m wondering what do you think?  Is more or less better?

Please leave comments below!! Thanks!

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