Laura & Shaun’s Wedding at Ferrari’s, Longridge

Gosh, it seems ages ago now that I was getting ready for Laura and Shaun’s wedding on July 29th.  Theirs is the first wedding to be blogged of three weddings I photographed that weekend, and of five I had in nine days, so I had a very busy end of July and August and I’m about to be a busy blogger over the next week or so as I endeavour to catch up…

I always think there is something nice and different about Friday weddings; whether it’s that people are happy to be out of work for an extra day, or because the weekend has come early, but I love Friday weddings and always have a fun time photographing them.  Laura & Shaun’s wedding was no different.

It ticked all the boxes as far as weddings go for me!

  1. Lovely couple
  2. Beautiful, historic church
  3. Great guests & family
  4. Lovely venue with gorgeous gardens
  5. NO RAIN
  6. Sunshine

Before I go any further, I’m sure by now most guests and family have seen the online gallery, which has been up for a while, but if not, go here: GALLERY. The password is Laura & Shaun’s surname in lower case (e.g. smith) and if you haven’t registered to use my proofing site you will need to give yourself a login and password.

The Wedding Day

We were so lucky! The weather had been pretty grotty (as it has been so often this year) but on the wedding day is just kept getting better and better until we had the most glorious late afternoon and evening sun.  As normal, my day started with me heading to the groom for some informal shots of him with his best man and the ushers.  I like that I was able to pose Shaun next to the “Keep Calm And Carry On” sign in their kitchen as he was a little nervous.  Laura, though was really relaxed when I got to her, and the whole house seemed pretty chilled. Some bridal preparations can be tricky due to lighting, lots of people, wedding day clutter etc, but this was smooth and I got some lovely photos of the ladies getting ready.

I was looking forward to this wedding as I should have worked at the same venue/church combination in summer 2009 but I got swine flu and although recovered quickly, the bride that year decided she didn’t want me anywhere near her or her guests 🙁 (sob). So St Mary’s Penwortham and Ferrari’s Country House Hotel had to wait 2 more years for the Fairfield Photographic 5star treatment!  It was worth the wait, I think…

St Mary’s is a lovely church. The grounds are photogenic with a lych gate and two paths, beautiful clock tower, old nave..everything a photographer could wish for, more or less. Hopefully the two photos below give a flavour of it! It was a lovely service with two readings and then very soon it was time to head for Ferrari’s – thogh not before we got some lovely confetti shots at the lych gate and some family groups just inside.

By the time we got to Ferrari’s it was REALLY sunny and everyone was starting to relax and bask in the sunshine. After working through the extra long list of group photos Laura had provided (thanks 😉 ) I got to do the more fun part, which was to get the bride and groom to wander around with me for a while whilst we got some stunning photographs in the wonderful gardens.  I have to say, they were the most perfectly and beautifully kept gardens I’ve worked at and a real credit to the family and gardeners at Ferrari’s.

After the wedding breakfast and Shaun’s public information film (heh heh) it was back outside for a lovely evening. I let the bride and groom chill out for a while and mingle and floated around, talking photos of guests, flowers, the gardens and pretty much anything I could – ideal.  After a while I retrieved the bride and groom and we wandered to where we could see the fields of Longridge and got some lovely shots of the late evening sunshine coming though the trees. After that, it was dancing and then home for me to get ready for wedding 2…but that’s another story 😉

Alex  12/09/2011

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