Sylvia & Darius’s Wedding at Arley Hall, Cheshire

As per normal the gallery is online here, and the password is…. you don’t know? Ask the lovely bride and groom! 😉

The Wedding

Before I start, I need to preface what follows by saying that I genuinely like all the brides and grooms I work with.  I think all my previous clients know this, and my wife certainly knows that occasionally I don’t take bookings even when I’m available if I feel we won’t be a good match…

However, sometimes as a wedding photographer, everything really does just “click”, and it was like that for me with the wedding of Sylvia & Darius. I’d known it should be a good day because we’d met up for a pre wedding shoot at Rivingon a few weeks before and I was really pleased with my photos, and I think it’s safe to say they loved them. So I was hopeful that the wedding day would go pretty well too.

I should also add that out of all the venues I’ve worked, I do absolutely LOVE Arley Hall & Gardens. It is to die for. The grounds are amazingly stunning, and house is beautiful, staff helpful…just a great, great wedding venue. As as a photographer I really do visit lots and lots of venues. Arley probably have no knowledge of me or my work, which is ok, I love them anyway!

Some details:

A week or two before the wedding Darius had spooked me by analysing why they liked my photography so much – and as I told him, I don’t really think about it too much, I just see something I like in my head and then get the photograph  🙂  But, Darius if you’d like to head to Tatton this weekend for the Wedding Show I’d love you to talk to people about my stuff because you’d do a great job!


For a late October wedding we really had a perfect day. The weather was ideal, and as the wedding was on a Monday, Arley was closed to visitors and we had the autumnal grounds all to ourselves. I could go on and on but I won’t. Hopefully the larger than normal selection of photos above will have done the talking!

Sylvia and Darius, I love you. Seriously. If I could take you to every wedding to pose for me I would. All day you both had smiles on your faces – you were a joy to work with, and your familes were amazing too – thank you for picking me as your photographer!



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