What to expect from Fairfield Photographic

What kind of day will I have?

Of course every wedding is different, but I’d expect that you’ll find it’s the little things that make your big day so memorable.  It may be a tender kiss, a loving glance or shared moment or emotion as your eyes meet down the aisle… Your day will be great and in very safe hands.

Are you shouty/bossy type photographers?

Not at all. With us, you’ll feel more relaxed and at ease, you and your guests will enjoy your day more and as a result you’ll  have better photographs.

We believe that what makes us special – aside from our great photography – is our attitude.  We are modern photographers who understand that more than anything – it is your day and we want you to enjoy it as much as possible, without getting in the way unnecessarily or being too intrusive.  We have a relaxed approach that means that whilst we are keen to share our ideas and experience, we aren’t going to force you into a style of photography that you don’t really want.  We can be assertive and “shouty” if absolutely necessary, but it’s the last resort!

What If I don’t know what I want or I change my mind on the day?

It’s no problem.  We listen to you, and make sure that you know that on your wedding day you are in charge and what we do is completely up to you!  Of course, if you don’t really know what you want we can give advice based on experience of shooting over 100 weddings, but ultimately we know it is YOUR day and we want you to really enjoy it and make it a day to always look back on and treasure!

I don’t want to miss out on photos due to a set limit!

We have no upper limit on the number of photographs we take – it’s whatever the individual wedding demands.  Normally for a wedding with coverage from bridal preparations to first dance that means around 1000 photos, though it can be more or less.   Of those, you’ll get between 350 and 600 fully edited photographs on a DVD in full, printable resolution.

What happens when it comes to the album. I don’t want mine to be the same as everybody else’s?

Us neither! It would be so boring, lazy and dishonest!  We design your album; show you what we’ve done and then re-design as much as necessary, taking into account your tastes, favourite pictures etc. We can show you pages in black and white or in colour, with one image or many… or we can do it all for you and you can simply wait for the finished, gorgeous product to arrive!  Every album we design is different and unique.

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