Why choose Fairfield Photographic

West Tower wedding

So… why choose Fairfield Photographic rather than someone else?

I think there are lots of really key factors that when added together should make this a pretty easy decision. Here goes:

  • My work!! Hopefully you are here reading this because you like the photos….
  • Experience. After 10 years and heading toward 250 weddings I know what I’m doing and am pleased to say that each year my work is better than the previous year. The reason for this continued growth is…
  • Passion. I love being a part of someone’s wedding day and knowing that I will be providing something you, your family, and hopefully, your children will cherish for a very long time to come. I spend time and my own money in improving my skills, getting better equipment, software etc.
  • Perfectionism. I came to photography quite late and having worked in quite a high pressure job with a lot of responsibility and requirements to meet exacting standards, I brought the same attitude to wedding photography. I spend a lot of time editing and processing photos – time a lot of other photographers don’t spend. I do this because I have such high standards and it matters to ME that the work I do and the photographs I provide are as good as they can be. I’m rarely satisfied but I believe this is a good thing!
  • Attitude. I’m very proud of the fact that I get on so well with the Brides and Grooms that pick me for their big day. I am able to work in a friendly and relaxed way that means even though I’m a big guy, people stop noticing me after a while. If you read the reviews from couples you’ll notice a theme – unobtrusive, friendly, nice, relaxed – not a bad way for a wedding photographer to be described.
  • Price. Being based in Chorley, Lancashire allows me to be a bit more competitive than a photographer with a studio in a city or in Cheshire. But my work is of the highest standard and it is only the higher end photographers that I compare myself to.
  • Quality. I’m proud to have recently had my work sought out by Your NorthWest Wedding magazine for a significant real wedding feature and magazine cover. I should add that this happened completely naturally – I was emailed by the magazine editor one day – but I feel this reflects how highly my work is now viewed within the wedding industry.
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